Our Strategy

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Avaden BioSciences was formed with a simple strategy in mind - provide the highest quality human biospecimens with unparalleled levels of clinical and molecular annotation. Our client relationships and clinical partnerships are the cornerstone of our business and we strive to provide unequaled quality and service.


Our Guarantee

Board Certified Pathologists: Our physicians review each and every sample to verify the diagnosis and purity of each block.  

Ethical Standards: Because ethical considerations are of paramount importance, Avaden engages exclusively in US-based clinical partnerships. Collection protocols are IRB-reviewed and subject to the highest standards of applicable laws and guidelines.

Why We're Different

Patient Outcome Longitudinal Data: Avaden's biospecimens are linked to real-time, self-populating patient Electronic Medical Records. This affords us with the unique ability to provide detailed treatment, response, and outcome data for each patient. The patient EMRs typically contain up to 10-15 years of detailed history and more than 350 data points which allows Avaden to customize cohorts of biospecimens with endpoints that are specific to the biomarker hypothesis. 



Avaden Biosciences boasts the industry's largest US-based network of participating clinical facilities. With more than forty unique institutions under partnership agreements, Avaden manages a clinical network of incomparable size. The depth and breadth of Avaden's network allows researchers to rapidly amass customized cohorts of biosamples which match very specific hypotheses.