Headquartered in Seattle, Avaden Biosciences operates the largest human biosample network in the world. Our U.S.-based partnerships with over 200 CLIA/CAP accredited facilities provide immediate access to more than 35,000,000 highly annotated samples derived from more than 15,000 referring physicians.  This network also allows researchers to prospectively acquire patient blood and freshly derived tissue from more than 7,500 consented procedures per month.  Avaden’s clinical partnerships also serve as the foundation for our laboratory services, clinical validation studies, and clinical trial enrollment services.

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At Avaden, our mission is to facilitate the discovery and development of biomarkers, molecular diagnostics, and personalized therapies through the rapid provision of highly annotated, ethically procured human biospecimens. 

Avaden has established partnerships with more than 200 US-based clinical centers focused on the rapid prospective collection of biopsy, tissue and blood samples directly from the surgical suite. 

Whether you're engaged in biomarker discovery, translational research applications, or clinical assay development, let Avaden BioSciences construct and customize your solution.


Patient Outcome Longitudinal Data: Avaden's biospecimens are linked to real-time, self-populating patient Electronic Medical Records. This affords us with the unique ability to provide detailed treatment, response, and outcome data for each patient. The patient EMRs typically contain up to 10-15 years of detailed history and more than 350 data points which allows Avaden to customize cohorts of biospecimens with endpoints that are specific to the biomarker hypothesis. 




Board Certified Pathologists: Our physicians are Board Certified and review each and every sample to verify the diagnosis and specifications required of each tissue sample.  Within Avaden’s expansive clinical network, we also work directly with more than 250 Pathologists with expertise in surgical pathology, neuropathology, and hematopathology.   Our Pathologists also have decades of experience in clinical validation studies and clinical trials. 

Ethical Standards: Because ethical considerations are of paramount importance, Avaden engages exclusively in US-based clinical partnerships. Collection protocols are IRB-approved and subject to the highest standards of applicable laws and regulations. Avaden always encourages clients to use samples derived exclusively from US-based CAP and CLIA accredited laboratories which ensures that they meet the most stringent ethical requirements.

Pre-Analytics:  Every sample derived from Avaden is sourced directly from a US-based CAP and CLIA accredited laboratory with standardized collection, processing, and storage conditions.  This not only cofers an obvious molecular performance benefit which is well-established by our customers, but chain of custody is also established in that samples are transferred directly from the live surgical record to the client.  Avaden’s process mirrors that of the intended use population of our pharmaceutical and diagnostic partners.   


With access to more than 7,500 prospective surgeries per month and access to inventory of more than 35,000,000 unique FFPE cases with outcome data, Avaden provides unparalleled access to biopsy, blood and tissue samples, with the highest levels of clinical and molecular annotation. 

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Clinical Validation Studies

Custom validation studies: method comparison, ILR, and exploratory studies conducted in CLIA/CAP accredited facilities


Clinical Data and Clinical Trial Enrollment

Access to treatment and outcome from millions of patients + Electronic Medical Records from approximately 5% of US population



Avaden’s biospecimen and services distribution covers close to one hundred customers in nine countries world-wide.


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