With access to more than 7,500 prospective surgeries per month and access to inventory of more than 35,000,000 unique FFPE cases with outcome data, Avaden provides unparalleled access to biopsy, blood and tissue samples, with the highest levels of clinical and molecular annotation.

Retrospective FFPE Samples

  • Immediate access to over 35,000,000 unique accessions

  • Aggregation of surgical records from over 200 referring institutions

  • Direct access to patient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

  • Over 350 data points per patient record

  • 10-15 years of history and outcome

  • All therapeutic areas

Prospective Biopsy, Tissue and Blood Samples

  • Over 350 clinical data points per patient

  • Over 7,500 consented surgeries per month for custom tissue

  • Over 10,000 consented patients in ambulatory setting for blood draws

  • Fresh, FFPE, or frozen custom protocols - paired tissue/blood

  • 24 Hour guaranteed delivery to North America and Europe

  • Complete customization of patient inclusion / exclusion parameters

  • Single time point or patient tracking/monitoring