Clinical Partnership Opportunities

Each year, clinical facilities spend millions of dollars discarding human biospecimens after diagnostic processes have been completed.  Hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic labs unknowingly expend resources to incinerate hundreds of millions of valuable biological samples that could otherwise be re-purposed into critical R&D programs.  Avaden BioSciences provides clinics with an alternative.

Avaden enables clinics to recycle valuable human biospecimens back into research without any change in clinical processes or patient care.  Avaden’s research protocol allows our partners to not only eliminate such waste, but capture revenue by re-deploying human biospecimens into vital R & D programs. Avaden can provide immediate exposure to biomarker studies within more than 100 companies in North America, Europe, and Japan. 

Avaden provides a comprehensive research protocol, on-site training, and unparalleled integration and support programs that can be seamlessly incorporated into any existing clinical operation.

Program overview:

  • Avaden’s research protocol can be established at any clinical facility, regardless of therapeutic focus or size.

  • Avaden provides all of the necessary tools, training, and support to integrate our protocol into existing SOPs.

  • Avaden ensures full compliance with HIPAA, IRB protocols, The Common Rule and patient consent standards as the foundation of our partnerships. We follow all state, federal and institutional regulations regarding the collection, storage, and transfer of human biospecimens.

  • Avaden works with U.S.-based hospitals, clinics, commercial labs and academic institutions to repurpose excess or remnant tissue and/or biofluid which is no longer required for routine diagnostic testing.

  • Avaden’s protocol is non-invasive and runs in parallel to existing clinical SOPs. In other words, no change in process, personnel, or patient care is required to integrate our program.

Program benefits:

Clinical Partners are reimbursed for their time and effort:

  • Sample Collection

  • Data Compilation

Non-Invasive Protocols:

  • Surgical excess/discarded tissue

  • Remnant/excess whole blood or biofluid

Studies parallel standard of care/treatment:

  • No change in course of patient treatment

  • Little to no investment of resources

  • Avaden provides project specs, materials and logistics

Contact us today to learn more about how you can support critical medical research by adopting a seamless and non-invasive research protocol which can provide immediate and predictable revenue. 

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